Outdated Content
The chart provided here is outdated. New heroes are not included.
See Master Celestial Evo Chart for an up to date table.

This chart was created in order to provide the community with an "easy-to-read" chart that successfully provides information on which heroes use which celestial evos, and at what ascensions they need them at.

The reason this chart is needed is because the current in-game "celestial inventory", or lack-thereof, fails to provide some key pieces of information:

  • Second Ascension Requirements: If you have not ascended your hero yet, you will not be able to see what evos they use in their second ascension, therefore not being able to plan ahead and save the appropriate celestials
  • Past Ascension Requirements: If your hero has been ascended once, or fully ascended, you will not be able to see what evos were required to upgrade previously for research purposes

The chart was originally created and distributed by Ghost through this original forum post and has been updated to the latest patch (0.5.2778) including Lord Zomm.


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