Level 20
Chi the Light Spirit Icon
Base Stars ☆☆☆☆☆
Element Light
Class Unique Material Support Slow Flying
Skill Name Type Skill Description
Attack Basic Attack A Melee Spirit attack doing [500 ATK] base damage.
Dispel All Special Purges the team's buffs.
Thundercracker Special Single target attack for [1200 ATK] base damage with a chance to Shock.
Heal Self Special Restores 500HP to itself.
Shifty Trait Innate chance to Dodge.
Field Dressing Trait Regenerate health every turn [110HP]
Piercing Yelp II Trait Chance to lower defense upon being attacked.
Flying Trait Takes less damage from melee attacks.

Chi the Light Spirit in Campaign Dungeon (Normal Mode)

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Chi the Light Spirit in Challenge Mode

While in the normal Campaign Dungeon Chi is already a tough opponent you will face it again in the Challenge Mode - in an even tougher form.

Chi loves to dogde attacks, purges the buffs of your Heroes with passion, and hunts every Element except Dark (It's a Nature Hunter Nature Hunter, and Water Hunter, etc). That way it can deal boosted damage to most Heroes, and with its Spirit based Thundercracker special attack it can instantly kill Heroes.

On top of this Chi has two taunting bodyguards.

How to beat Chi

Do not let Chi hit your Heroes

Get rid of the bodyguards as fast as possible

Note: Ekko token Ekko is immune to Chi's Thundercracker attack, but Chi can hurt Ekko badly with basic attacks. Augustus the paladin token 0 Augustus is another good choice as he can heal, purge and buff your team.