Evos are used to Ascend your Heroes. One Ascension requires few different Evos and varying amounts of each. Single colored Evos can be found in almost every dungeon and almost always appear, whereas double colored evos (called Celestial class materials) only appear in select dungeons and have a very low chance of appearing.

The Coldfire Evo is needed 78 times to fully ascend all 10 heroes currently in the game that use this evo.

Every now and the this celestial Evo is available in the Shop for 250 gems.


Chapter Dungeon Name Token(s) Evo's
15-3 Trail of Bones Yasmin token 0 Water Evo LarvaWater EvoWater Evo MonarchColdfire
16-7 Bone Blight Abigail token 0 Fire EvoFire Evo MonarchColdfire
17-3 Silent Caves Tsume token 0 Water EvoWater Evo MonarchColdfire
Plagued Island
(Evo Island on Monday)
CryptRunedShadowStormwindArcaneColdfireInfinityValkyrieDark Evo LarvaDark EvoDark Evo Monarch
Frostbite Island
(Evo Island on Tuesday)
CavebornDiamond EvoMoonlightStormwindBrawnyColdfireMind's EyeSpiritWater Evo LarvaWater EvoWater Evo Monarch


This evo can be combined using the following materials:

Water Evo Monarch Water Evo Monarch 10
Dark Evo Monarch Dark Evo Monarch 10
Fire Evo Monarch Fire Evo Monarch 2
Nature Evo Monarch Nature Evo Monarch 2
Light Evo Monarch Light Evo Monarch 2
25px Gold 100,000
Gems Gems 20

Ascensions used for

Token Hero Ascension 1 Ascension 2
Aria token 0 Aria Stormwind x12
Brawny x10
Coldfire x8
Shadow x2
Cobressa token 0 Cobressa Fire Evo x42
Water Evo Monarch x30
Coldfire x8
Infinity x2
Cruel king token Cruel King Bramble Dark Evo x48
Nature Evo Monarch x33
Coldfire x8
Infinity x2
Grog-Gnog token 0 Grog Gnog Light Evo x40
Water Evo Monarch x33
Brawny x8
Coldfire x4
IGOROK token 0 IGOROK Light Evo x46
Water Evo Monarch x32
Coldfire x8
Infinity x2
Icebloom token 0 Icebloom Water Evo Monarch x35
Fire Evo x30
Coldfire x10
Diamond Evo x2
Brom token Life Reaper Brom Water Evo x45
Dark Evo Monarch x32
Coldfire x8
Infinity x2
Malice Token Malice Light Evo x36
Dark Evo Monarch x36
Coldfire x8
Infinity x2
Pontifex token 0 Pontifex Mortis Water Evo x46
Dark Evo Monarch x32
Coldfire x8
Shadow x2
Shieldmaiden Astrid token 0 Shieldmaiden Astrid Dark Evo x39
Nature Evo Monarch x32
Coldfire x8
Infinity x2