Demon Hero Synergy and Changes

Several of the Demon Heroes have been working on their synergy lately! The following Demons have changed as part of this update (7th June 2016):

Malice Token Malice

  • New trait 25px ??lethal lust?? (Passive): When on a team with Ella, crit chance is boosted for all Demon allies

Nitpick token 0 Nitpick

  • New trait Spine Chilling Icon Spine Chilling (Passive): If Malice is on the same team, Demon allies gain a chance to induce Fear with their basic attacks. The chance for this to happen increases as the targeted enemy's HP decreases.

Ella token 0 Ella Ametryst

  • Increased HP
  • Charm Icon Charm : Charmed enemies will do increased damage to their allies. It also performs a heart-breaking spirit attack (damage has been increased).
  • Blood Ritual Icon Blood Ritual : Now fully heals ally, and buffs both Ella and that ally's attack and crit chance.
  • New trait Tenacious Fiends Icon Tenacious Fiends : In PVP, Demon allies gain a chance to dodge attacks as their HP decreases.

Tsume token 0 Tsume

  • New trait Vicious Icon Vicious (Passive): In PVP, whenever Tsume lands a crit, Tsume buffs all Demon allies' attack for one turn. (Malice' Lethal Lust increases the chance to land a critcal hit)
  • His passive trait Savage Fury Icon Savage Fury now does less damage (part of the demons' strengthening involved a ritual that siphoned off a bit of Tsume's power).

Many players considered the combination of Tsume's Savage Fury Icon Savage Fury and Soul Shred Icon Soul Shred as overpowered in Dungeon Raids. The damage calculation is now: Damage boosts greater and greater as health decreases below 50%. Damage dealt to enemies is multiplied by of a factor of [1.5x, 2x, and 2.5x].

The Boss enemy Utica the Forgotten still has the original Savage Fury Icon Savage Fury (Enemy) : Damage boosts greater and greater as health decreases below 75%. Damage dealt to enemies is multiplied by of a factor of [1.5x, 2x, 2.5x, 3x, and 3.5x]. but has no special attack that targets multiple Heroes.

Demon Event

To celebrate the changes, we've run a Demon Hunt event! These demons are so dastardly that even the Demon Heroes don't like them! All enemies in campaign dungeons were possessed and had a chance to spawn a demon when defeated. Like last time, the strength and classification of the spawned demon varied by location, but was always relative to the difficulty of the dungeon it was in. The three classifications are Demonic Lackeys, Demonic Servants, and Demonic Masters. You could find and defeat them to complete quests for Nitpick, Icepick, and Malice tokens. There were also other quests where you could earn Nitpick, Icepick, Ella, Malice, and Tsume tokens, among other things.

One more thing: This surge in demonic activity had prompted Augustus to don an new set of armor. Say hello to Paladin Augustus!