Outdated Content
The information on this page is no longer in the game.
Dragon Lantern Hatamoto

Dragon Lantern Hatamoto

Also known as:

  • Dragon Lantern Samurai
  • Dragon Lantern Busho
  • Dragon Lantern Hatamoto
Stars 5
Element Fire
Type Human
Class Warrior
Speed Normal


Level Attack Defence Health Skill
1 151 138 360 132
50 743 1087 1764 646


Skill Name Type Cooldown Skill Description
Burning Chop II Active 4 Heavy damage with chance to burn
Whirlwind II Active 5 Spinning attack that hits all enemies
Battle Cry II Active 6 Boost team ATK
Perfect Swing Passive Never misses nor can enemies DODGE attacks
Burn Resist III Passive Moderate boost to burn resistance
Fiery Dominance Passive 2x attack bonus vs earth heroes
Frenzy Passive Increase CRIT chance


Stage Dungeon Name
5 - 2 War Torn Village
5 - 10 Reflection Halls
12 - 1 Purged Lands
12 - 6 The Arena
14 - 7 Imperial Dungeon
14 - 8 Emperor's Palace


Larva Sprite Monarch
Level Cost
35 1 1 1 1

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