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New Changes to Six Heroes! (June 30, 2016)

New Changes to Six Heroes

Recently six Heroes got boosts, new traits and improved abilities. Finally the changes made it into the wiki. Check out the article pages of Brom, Bovus, Augustus, Pignius, Masuta Kira, and Sir William.

Demon Synergy and Changes

Demon Hero Synergy and Changes
Demon Queen Ella token
Demon Queen Ella (Skin), the Dark Angel of Sins Malice Token Malice, Pyromaniac Nitpick token 0 Nitpick, and the hot-headed Tsume token 0 Tsume performed a secret demons' strengthening ritual to empower their team play. Of course any Demon benefits from this new power - escpecially in Dungeon Raids.


The Goblin Legendary Team

Legendary Goblin Team

Cruel King Bramble and his fellow Goblins have been training in secret, waiting to wreak havoc on the other heroes, and their time has finally come! Today (26th April 2016), we’re introducing several permanent changes to four Goblins that allow them to synergize better than ever before!

Improvements for Heroes! (April 6th, 2016)

Improvements for Heroes

Four of our heroes got their stats and abilities updated. Check out their detailed changes below:


Dungeon Boss Major Update (March 2nd, 2016)

Prepare for the Challange

Dungeon Boss just got better! - Blessings, Challenge Mode, and more! The next major update is finally here! To celebrate this update, we've got 2X TOKENS turned on for the next few days.

Now let’s go over what this mega update brings to you!

New Stuff!

Guild Guilds

  • Changes to Guild Crown Collection - There is a cap of 210 Guild Crown Crowns that can be earned by each player in a given week.
  • Added quests for acquiring lifetime Guild Crowns.
  • Added Guild Search and Inspect options for players already in a Guild.


  • New Hero! - The eternal guardian Leonidus token 0 Leonidus awakens to shine divine light upon the land and drive back the growing darkness.
  • Slow Icon New Revenge passive - Slow heroes have a 25% chance to retaliate to any physical attack with a basic attack.
  • Frozen status Frozen characters can no longer dodge attacks.


Making Friends!


Hey BOSS! Have you added friends into your list? What about bringing in a Fifth member to your team just for that brief moment to take down an extremely difficult Silver Skull boss? Are you short on Honor Scroll Icon Honor scrolls? If so, then making friends and using them in battle is definitely what you want to do to get more Treasure Room Chest loot. Read more to find out how!

Latest News and Updates

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Feedback Corner
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Max Level Fully Ascended Stats

All Heroes (Because of the new Level 80). Currently the Wiki still has the max values for Level 60 Heroes.

Ability Cooldown Costs

None at the moment

Daily Quests/Rewards

Gems Fill in the spots for daily rewards!
Crown New guild quests not mentioned?

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