Evo Gold

The elusive Celestial Evos can now be found at the Evo Island, where adventurers fight to collect Evos, ultimately aiding them in the ascension of their heroes.


Evo Island locked

Evo Island is located on the north western edge of the campaign map, with a gray statue of an Evo. Upon clicking it, the the dungeon background color changes depending on the day of the week. The color corresponds to the elemental type of Evos involved in that particular event.

Each dungeon level requires 0-20 energy to enter and at least Player level 15. Once the dungeon is completed, that level is locked until the level resets at midnight local time. The elemental change of Evo Island resets after every 24 hours starting from midnight (local time).

The following days of the week corresponds to the celestial evos' elemental type:


In each room within the dungeon, there is a chance that an Evo may spawn. It is possible to end up with multiple Evos for each dungeon run. In addition, the treasure chest at the end of the level also contains Evos based on its rarity.

Image Type Description Statistics (# of runs) Chance (%)
Common Boss Chest
Common A small amount of gold, potions and an Evo Larva. 4 7.4%
Silver Chest
Silver A small amount of gold, potions, and an Evo. 16 29.6%
Gold Chest
Gold A moderate amount of gold, potions, and a monarch Evo. 15 27.8%
Evo Gold1
Ancient A large amount of gold, potions, and a random Celestial Evo corresponding to the element of the day. 19 35.2%
Total 54 runs 100%


Weekday Dungeons Area Type Celestial Evo Boss
Monday Plagued Island: 1-5 Dark Forest Dark Celestial Evos Yin the Dark Spirit
Tuesday Frostbite Island: 1-5 Ice Cave Water Celestial Evos Furosuto the Ice Spirit
Wednesday Scorched Island: 1-5 Lava Cave Fire Celestial Evos Kasai the Fire Spirit
Thursday Evergreen Island: 1-5 Forest Nature Celestial Evos Seikatsu the Life Spirit
Friday Sunlight Island: 1-5 Forest Light Celestial Evos Chi the Light Spirit

Notes and Tips

Daily Limit

The levels unlock and reset at midnight local time. Because of that you only can tackle them once per day*.

If you succeed, fail or retreat your chance for the day is done. Choose your difficulty wisely! Because retreat is no option there is no cherry-picking of chests.

*(In the past it was possible to do the a evo dungeon once before midnight when unlocked and the second time before 10AM (PDT time zone) of the next day when the levels were reset. This has been changed with the lastest update.)