A horror bent on destroying everything. Even looking at it is said to cause insanity and nightmares.

Base Stars
Element Dark
Class Demon Caster Magical


Level 1 Stats Increase/Lvl*
Power 313 +14.2
Attack 96 +13.6
Defense 143 +8.3
Skill 122 +8.1
Health 402 +23.6
Crit Chance 6%
Crit Multiplier 3
Hit Chance 100%
Dodge Chance 16%
Poison Resist 13%
Fire Resist 0%
Cold Resist 0%
Disease Resist 6%
Freeze Resist 6%
Lightning Resist 10%
Spirit Resist 100%


Token Locations

Chapter Dungeon
1 Horror's Desert
2 Abandoned Tomb
3 Ghost Ship
4 Hell's Gate


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