February 22, 2017 (official release notes): Cobressa token 0 Cobressa, Viperia token 0 Viperia and General Krexx token 0 General Krexx got some hero changes. With one very small exception, these changes were all buffs.

Venom Venom Changes

  • Venom no longer lowers a target’s defense, but now can have more than 3 stacks. One stack expires at the end of every round. The Venom (the whole stack) counts now as a single debuff for special attacks like Squinch token 0 Squinch's Cheap Shot Icon Cheap Shot or Pignius token 0 Pignius Maximus' Sucker Punch Icon Sucker Punch . Prior the change each stack was counted as one debuff that multiplied the damage from Squnich and Pignius, up to +3x.

Cobressa token 0 Cobressa

  • No longer has Rogue tag
  • Defense and HP increase
  • Drop Dead Gorgon Drop Dead Gorgon is now Cobressa’s 3rd ability, and Acid Spit Acid Spit is now her 1st ability.
  • Acid Spit Acid Spit now has a chance to add up to 3 Venom Venom (stacks) stacks.
  • Drop Dead Gorgon Drop Dead Gorgon ’s chance to instantly kill now goes up by 10% for every stack of Venom Venom (stacks) removed by the attack and starts powered.
  • Serpent Spear Serpent Spear now has a 100% chance to apply 10 Venom stacks.
  • Cobressa now has the "Reptilian Stamina" (25px ??reptilian stamina??) passive that allows her to gain energy every time she hits a target with Venom Venom (stacks) already on them.
  • Cobressa no longer has the Deadly Accurate Deadly Accurate passive (this is the only "nerf" related to these changes, told you it was small). She has no longer the highest CRIT chance in the game (it was 65%).
  • Cobressa’s Venomous Embrace Venomous Embrace passive now heals party members for 5% per stack of Venom Venom (stacks) she applies. Prior the change it was max 2% per stack (and max 3 stacks per target). This change boosts her healing skill massively.

Viperia token 0 Viperia

  • Attack and Defense increased
  • Basic attack now adds 2 stacks of Venom Venom (stacks) on hit.
  • Death Bites Death Bites now removes up to 5 Venom Venom (stacks) stacks and deals an additional 20% damage (of the attack’s initial damage, not of the target’s health) for each stack removed. Starts with 5 energy.

General Krexx token 0 General Krexx

  • Gorgon Devotion Icon Gorgon Devotion passive now makes him start a Dungeon with Taunt Icon Taunt active if a Gorgon is on the team with him. Krexx's Taunt still lasts only 2 turns, unlike the Taunt of most other Tanks.
  • 25px ??sun?? now adds 15% Defense to all Reptiles.
  • Trog Skin Icon Trog Skin now applies 2 stacks of Venom Venom (stacks) to the enemy team on Krexx’s death.