Everyone's favorite adorable mushroom is getting a bit more terrifying, in fact, his Growth has already started!


(The updated was release on 2017-03-16, text was posted on official forum)

  • Rocky token 0 Rocky the Shiitake is now be part of the "Plant" family! We (Boss Fight, the devs) realized there is only so much we can do with the "Mushroom" class, so we're building out a broader classification for him. Yes, we know mushrooms are technically fungi and not plants, just work with us here. :P
  • Rocky has now the "Rogue" tag.
  • Rocky isnowfastbecauserockysgottagoFast
  • Rocky has the ability "Plant Growth", which increases Max HP and ATK at the end of each round. (Stacks up to 8 times. When a hero with Plant Growth moves from one room to another in a Campaign dungeon, they uproot themselves, setting their stacks back to 1 in the new room. Stacks are set to 0 on death.)
  • Rocky's Spore Cloud Icon Spore Cloud now gives Nature allies Haste, and gives Rocky and other (non-nature) allies a dodge buff for one round. It also triggers Growth on all Plant allies. Note: Rocky's Haste has a reduced dodge effect (35%). The dodge effect for allies is 50%.
  • Rocky's Mauling Icon Mauling has been replaced with "Sonic Screech", which is a Ranged Spirit attack that hits all enemies and silences the targeted enemy. This ability starts powered.
  • Rocky got the passive ability "Fungus Amongus", which gives Plants a chance to apply poison when doing a basic attack. Chance increases with each stack of Growth.