Julius Escapes

ThaliaPortrait Small We accidentally left the VIP Portal opened too long! Help us catch Julius before he starts climbing tall buildings!

I Found a Monkey in the Dungeon!


Julius found amongst the other enemies.

From November 2 - November 9, 2015, adventurers can obtain Julius tokens without the need to unlock the VIP Portal. This will give an opportunity for all adventurers to get access to Julius. With an arduous 100 tokens to unlock, they will try to scramble for any available tokens found throughout the campaign.

Where can we get him?!

Julius Escapes1

Julius is normally found in the VIP Portal. However, he found in the Heroic Portal summon for tokens only during the time of this event. In addition, he is available in the chosen 40 dungeons listed below as as a random miniboss. His boss icon will be available among the rest of the enemies and the possible loot in the level. In addition, Julius tokens are available in dungeons where name plates highlight the available tokens. Julius tokens are also affected by the quality of the chest drops, which allows an adventurer to gain up to 3 Julius tokens from a purple chest.


Tokens in Hope's end and Emperor's Palace.

Once tokens are claimed in the dungeon, they are grayed out until the adventurer spends gems to refresh the dungeon level or wait until the dungeon resets at midnight local time. With seven days of resets, a consistent player will have many opportunities to earn rare tokens.  An adventurer can gain Julius tokens from quick looting these dungeons, as well.

There are three available dungeons that have Julius tokens. They are in dungeon chapters 8-7 Hope's End, 14-8 Emperor's Palace and 20-8 Pinnacle.

Monkey Business Quests

Tokens are rewarded for encountering and successfully defeating Julius. Julius will not replace the boss found normally in the dungeon. Instead, he is an additional miniboss will a level equal to your party level, and upgraded to 3 star ranks. By eliminating Julius and claiming the quest reward, you can earn a token. The quest is repeatable, with increasing requirements. After defeating Julius, the quest will update its requirements. The number of times killed are cumulative, which means your kill count adds towards the next level and do not reset. Quick looting dungeons will complete this quest as if the party encountered Julius on their own.

Objective: Defeat Julius [1/2/3/4/5/5n/90+5n/100+25n] more time.

Reward: Julius token x [1/1/1/1/1/3/4/10]

After reaching 5 kills, you will need to defeat Julius multiples of 5 times to recieve 3 tokens. After reaching 90 kills, the token reward increases to 4 for 5 kills. After 100 kills, the objective changes to 10 tokens for 25 kills. The quest ends when you reach 200 kills, at which 100 tokens will have been given out.

Tips on Defeating Julius

While Julius is found in dungeons with fewer Heroes allowed, he is not that difficult to defeat. Daze him immediately with Lady Nimriel's attack or have all of your heroes target their damage on Julius. He will go down very quickly. While you're on auto-battle mode, he will most likely survive and attack you at least once. His Barrel Toss deals a good amount of damage and leaves nasty effects such as Daze, Frozen, Burned, etc. His astounding pounding will deal extra damage to certain people, and his rested ability of dealing extra damage might even put your heros at half life. Even if the dungeon level is lost, you will still complete the quest as long as you've successfully knocked out Julius.

Farming Julius Efficiently

Since there are 40 dungeons available, adventurers will most likely wonder which levels are the best to find Julius. In the following list, each dungeon has an opportunity for a Celestial Evo to spawn. Therefore, you will have the double benefit of searching for those sought after Celestial Evos while looking for Julius.

Dungeon Locations

Julius Escapes quick loot

Quick looting an ancient chest with goodies!

Lady Nimriel has one of the best natural advantages over Julius. With the added elemental benefit of Fire over Nature and her passive Tank Hunter ability, she will guarantee a swift kill.

If you Loot Hope's End, Emperor's Palace and Pinnacle, if you really want to refresh the token without costing too much gem, do your daily missions. It is quite likely that some Julius level contains the enemy you need. Part of your gem will be reimbursed this way, while not effecting Julius Farming. The refresh cost of a level will remain at 20 gems for the first two refreshes before it increases to 40 gems.

Token Locations

Chapter Dungeon Area Type Hero Token Celestial Evo Boss
2-3 Empty Cages Crypt Kobal the Pestilent NA Taskmaster Girr
3-3 Bonechilled Quarry Ice Cave Ekko NA Morogar Championfoot
4-2 Beastmen Village Crypt Shadowblade NA Merciless Argor
5-1 Crimson Woods Forest Yasmin Bloom NA Buttons
5-6 Silent Cavern Ice Cave King Yorick NA Sugimoto Shosino
6-3 Fire Rot Lava Cave Mangle Jaw Jewelled Lord Devoros

Quaestor Lucius

6-5 Under Wood Dark Forest Ekko NA
Gagos the Traitor King Icon
Gagos the Traitor King
6-6 Necrotic Chambers Crypt Yokozuna NA
Ferryman Icon
7-1 Noble Village Forest Abigail the Brutal Earth Sisters Duchess Terra
7-3 Supply Route Crypt Zurk Valkyrie Sir Adam, Rose Devereux
7-5 The Vanguard Forest Ignus the Mad Spirit The Archangel
8-2 War Front Dark Forest Phemus Caveborn Captain Dedric
8-4 Frozen Crypts Ice Cave Nitpick Stormwind Jubal Moss
8-6 The Infinite Army Lava Cave Selwyn the Enduring NA Oson the Infinite
9-1 Undying Land Lava Cave Tsume Incendiary Count Rend
9-3 The Black Fortress Crypt Torchy Valkyrie Chaos Lord Victus
9-5 Unholy Capitol Crypt Shadowblade Earth Sisters Overlord Absalom
10-2 Torture Chambers Crypt Nitpick Brawny Gamor Snorts
10-4 Cursed Tower Crypt Chief NubNub NA Eragos
10-5 Infernal Bastion Crypt Phenol Thoxian NA Eragos, Zethos
12-2 The Secret Passage Crypt Jabber Clenchjaw NA Rabid Manhunter
12-4 Check Point Forest Willow Swift NA Itsuki Bannin
13-1 Captive Barracks Crypt Sir William NA Bluddblister
13-3 Abandoned Pass Ice Cave Zurk NA Wolvar Stalker
14-1 Flooded Camp Forest King Yorick NA High Priestess Fiora
14-3 Scorched Ice Ice Cave Ekko Crypt Kobal the Pestilent
14-5 Pillaged Village Lava Cave Jabber Clenchjaw Bushido Hiroto Senshu
14-7 Imperial Dungeon Crypt Willow Swift Mind's Eye Hattori Ono, Nori Kanshu
15-1 Empty Crypts Lava Cave Phemus NA Ninshi Otsuka
15-4 Demon's Den Lava Cave Kobal the Pestilent Runed Aedric
15-7 Fire Lord Temple Lava Cave Yokozuna NA Kasai
16-1 Tar Pits Lava Cave Zurk Subterranean Magmucus
16-3 Frozen Brimstone Ice Cave Stone Fist NA Laguna
16-5 Temple Ruins Crypt Jabber Clenchjaw NA Asrogar the Ancient
17-4 Rune Shrine Mountain Yasmin Bloom NA Flame Master Nyx
19-5 Blistering Summit Lava Cave Zurk NA
20-3 Spirit's Sanctuary Forest Abigail the Brutal NA
21-5 Heroes End Crypt Kobal the Pestilent NA Withered Zerras

Special Offers

The Safari Pack contains 300 Stamina, 60 Loot Keys, 400 gems and adds +56 VIP points. This is available once a day during the span of this event.

Julius is Here to Stay!

Julius Heroic Portal

On November 6, 2015, Julius has permanently been transferred out of the VIP portal and into the Heroic Portal. This not only allows permanent access to Julius and his tokens, but it also transfers exclusivity from VIP members to the general population of players. In addition, the frequency of his appearance has been increased for that weekend so that adventurers have a higher chance of summoning him with as little as 300 gems. Now that players can summon Julius without the VIP portal.

A few days later Indigo was introducted and settled down in the VIP Portal to replace Julius.


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