Kang Kung


This two-headed monstrosity will use anything at his disposal to crush his enemies.

Name Icon Element Class
2015-09-30 17.19.59-1-
Water magical beast fast


Icon Trait Name Trait Description
Silence Immune Icon Silence Immune Cannot be Silenced.
Exhaustion Immune Exhaust Immune Immune to Exhaustion.
Charm Immune Charm Immune Never succumbs to Charming.
Perfect Swing Icon Perfect Swing Never misses nor can enemies Dodge attacks.
Daze Immune Daze Immune Cannot be Dazed.
Fire Vulnerability Fire Vulnerability Takes extra damage from Fire attacks.
Freeze Immune Icon Freeze Immune Cannot be Frozen.
Fear Immune Fear Immune Cannot be Feared.


Kang-Kung is able to perform the following attacks:

Basic Attack - Kang-Kung lunges and slams one hero.

Tantrum - Kang-Kung does not do any damage to the heroes but summons an Icicle and Snowball for future attacks.

Impaling Spear - Kang-Kung throws the Icicle and makes more icicles fall from the ground and deal damage to all heroes.

snowbowl - Kang-Kung takes the Snowball and throws it at a hero.

Frostfume Breath - Kang-Kung breathes out a cold breath and deals damage to all heroes.

Recommended Heroes

Willow token 0 Willow Swift - Willow's high damaging attacks in addition to her fast trait makes her a valuable opponent against Kang-Kung.

Bovus token 0 Bovus El Doro - Being the strong and tough hero he is, he will be a valuable asset to not only fight the monster but get to him too. Stampede can be used to destroy all the Tantrum items too.

Tsume token 0 Tsume - The nature demon with his powerful area of effect attack will waste no time making Tantrum ineffective.

Yasmin token 0 Yasmin Bloom - A healer is a must to ensure the survival of your team to the great beast, and Yasmin is good for the job, particularly if budded up with Water allies.

NubNub token 0 Chief NubNub - And of course, NubNub is another powerful option for a healer.

Stonefist token 0 Stone Fist - Thanks to Impervious, Stone Fist is a powerful ally to have against Kang-Kung, as he ignores the most dangerous effects of Frostfume breath, as well as serves as a good team taunter.

Phemus token 0 Phemus - Another option for a taunter, can deal more damage, at the cost of defense.

Nitpick token 0 Nitpick - While he is vulnerable to Kang-Kung's attacks, his Meteor Storm can deal great damage thanks to Fire Vulnerability.