Lazareth is the boss of level 11-1. He is an ascended once Life Reaper Brom.


Okay, this page may seem really, really insignificant, but that's not true! This guy is EXTREMELY hard, especially if you don't have Ekko. So I made this page so he wouldn't nefariously cast any more plague and relentlessly steal any more life.


*Ekko (Essential)

*Masuta Kira

*Yasmin Bloom

*Anyone else who works.

Strategy: Ascend Ekko if you can. Since Masuta Kira is hard to obtain, you don't have to use him, but ONLY if you don't have him. Yasmin is really good against him because of Pwn Undead Damage and that she's also a healer, which you will need against this guy. For the last slot, maybe either Chief NubNub because his healing move is a bit better than Yasmin's, or a strong enough Tank that's not a light type(Unless you've upgraded it a LOT.).

Good luck on beating Lazareth.

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