Lupina Transforms

February 9, 2017

It's Lupina token Lupina's turn to shine, with a brand new Epic, Blank Ability Doompelt, and some changes to abilities and passives!

First, let's talk about Lupina's Doompelt! With this Epic, Lupina has a random chance to Howl, invoking a mass beast attack! Lupina attacks the target, and all Beasts alive on team attack 1 random enemy. If at least one enemy dies, the rest of the enemy team is Feared Icon Feared. Pretty nifty!

Now onto the new changes for Lupina!

  • Lupina is now a Fast Icon Fast Hero.
  • Lupina is now a Rogue Hero.
  • Pack Fury Icon Pack Fury is now Pack Leader Icon Pack Leader and buffs Beast allies' Attack.
  • Intensify Burn Icon Intensify Burn is now Burning Rampage Icon Burning Rampage and attacks Target + 2 random enemies with a chance to Burn.