Overlord Executum
Undead Tank 

Overlord Executum

Element: Dark Dark
30% vs Light Light units

Speed: Normal
Aether category: Silver

Epic: No

Overlord token 0
Swing IconVigilance2 Icon & Armored IconLight Hunter IconSoulless Scourge IconUndead Guard Icon
Stars Tokens Boost
★☆☆☆☆☆ N/A -
★★☆☆☆☆ 30 +12.5%
★★★☆☆☆ 70 +25%
★★★★☆☆ 100 +40%
★★★★★☆ 150 +60%
★★★★★★ 250 +100%
Born on a battlefield and raised in an army, he has known nothing but conflict and strife.

ThaliaPortrait Small
Overlord Executum does boosted damage vs Light units. He is so eeevil!

Stats Base Max Resistances Base Max
Power 2,999 Nature  %  %
Attack 1,698 Fire  %  %
Defense 1,948 Water  %  %
Health 4,500 Light  %  %
Skill 1,104 Dark  %  %
Crit Chance  % 18% Spirit  %  %
Crit Multiplier x 2x
Dodge Chance  % 0%

Abilities (Active) Traits (Passive)
Swing Icon Swing Armored Icon Armored
Vigilance2 Icon Vigilance Light Hunter Icon Light Hunter
Void Taunt Icon Void Taunt Soulless Scourge Icon Soulless Scourge
Void Strike Icon Void Strike Undead Guard Icon Undead Guard II

Overlord Executum has yet to discover their Epic.

I wonder what it will be...

Check Epic Heroes for more information.

Overlord token 0 Overlord Executum tokens: Challenge Mode Icon x2 + Pwnage Point Pwn Shop Portal Summon Honor Honor Summon

The Normal campaign and Challenge mode dungeon tokens are connected. If you got a token from a dungeon in a Normal campaign dungeon, you will not be able to collect tokens from the Challenge mode version of the dungeon (and vice versa) unless you refresh them.

Challenge Mode Icon Challenge Mode Dungeons: (2)
Chapter Lvl. Energy Icon Rooms Enemies Area Evos Boss
2-4 5 Lava Cave Fire Evo Larva Derrick the Forsaken, Aldar the Mad
Epic Skull
5-5 5 Crypt Dark Evo LarvaDark Evo Amatsu Takeda
Epic Skull
Rune Slots: Rune slot DarkRune slot DarkRune slot FireRune slot NatureRune slot Water (standard)
Overlord Executum has the standard rune slots for a Dark Dark hero.
Dark Dark Dark Dark Fire Fire Nature Nature Water Water
Rune slot Dark Rune slot Dark Rune slot Fire Rune slot Nature Rune slot Water
Attack range & damage type: Melee & Physical
Buffs & Debuffs: Bulwark IconDebilitated IconCourageous Knight IconTaunt Icon
Bulwark Icon DEF+ (buff):
Affected target has a boost to DEF stat, reducing the amount of damage they take for the next 3 turns. Additional application of the effect refreshes its duration. The amount DEF boosted is based on the level of the skill.
Debilitated Icon Debilitated (debuff):
Target has a reduced ATK, DEF, SKL, and CRIT for three turns. The amount reduced is based on the level of the ability.
Courageous Knight Icon Guard (effect):
The hero guards their allies and will jump in front of an endangered character to protect them.
Taunt Icon Taunt (buff):
Enemies are forced to use single targeting abilities on the taunting target for three turns. Subsequent applications of the effect refreshes its duration. Several kinds of Taunt add another buff, for instance Reflecting Taunt adds Damage Reflection, Burning Taunt adds Burning Skin.
Immunities & Damage Reduction: Diseased/Poisoned/Venom/Wounded & Armored
Abilities & Traits: Swing IconVigilance2 IconVoid Taunt IconVoid Strike Icon & Armored IconLight Hunter IconSoulless Scourge IconUndead Guard Icon


Swing Icon
Basic Attack (None)

A basic Melee Physical attack doing [32% ATK] base damage. Upgrading increases base damage to [49.5% ATK].


Vigilance2 Icon
Special Attack (5 turns)

Enters a defensive stance which gives him a chance to jump in front of any ally being attacked with a chance to parry and halves the attacker's CRIT Chance.

Void Taunt

Void Taunt Icon
Special Attack (5 turns), requires Overlord token 1 1st Ascension

Taunts (forces enemies to target this Hero with attacks) and a 40% chance to Debilitate enemy (reduces ATK, DEF, SKL, and CRIT Chance). Starts Powered.

Void Strike

Void Strike Icon
Special Attack (6 turns), requires Overlord token 2 2nd Ascension

Melee Physical attack on an enemy, buffs team DEF, and a 40% chancce to Debilitate the enemy, reducing ATK, DEF, SKL, and CRIT Chance.


Armored Icon
Trait (Passive)

Takes 25% less damage from Physical attacks.

Light Hunter (I)

Light Hunter Icon
Trait (Passive)

I: Boosted damage vs Light Enemies by 1.5x.

Soulless Scourge

Soulless Scourge Icon
Trait (Passive)

Immune to Poison, Venom, Wound, and Disease. Lifesteals 25% of all damage dealt.

Undead Guard (I/II)

Undead Guard Icon
Trait (Passive), upgrades with Ascensions

I: Increases DEF by 15% for all Undead allies.
Overlord token 1 1st Ascension:
II: Increases DEF by 30% for all Undead allies.

Ascensions: Dark Evo LarvaDark EvoNature Evo LarvaStormwind = Overlord token 1 + Void Taunt IconUndead Guard Icon & ArcaneDark Evo MonarchNature Evo = Overlord token 2 + Void Strike Icon
First Ascension Second Ascension
Dark Evo Larva Dark Evo Larva 26x Arcane Arcane Evo 4x
Dark Evo Dark Evo 9x Dark Evo Monarch Dark Evo Monarch 10x
Nature Evo Larva Nature Evo Larva 9x Nature Evo Nature Evo 30x
Stormwind Stormwind Evo 5x
Void Taunt Icon Void Taunt (Special Attack/5 Turns) Void Strike Icon Void Strike (Special Attack/6 Turns)
Undead Guard Icon Undead Guard ii (Trait/Passive)
Synergies of Undead heroes (Family): Undead Fervor IconTaste for Brains IconChilled to the Bone Icon
Overlord token 0 Overlord Executum can get following passive buffs when teamed up with other Heroes:

Undead Heroes get the following passive buffs:

Undead Fervor Icon Undead Fervor (Trait) by Pontifex token 0 Pontifex Mortis
Increase ATK + DEF for all Undead allies.
Taste for Brains Icon Taste for Brains (Special Attack) by Zomm token Lord Zomm
Ranged Dark attack for [100% ATK] base damage to a single target, purges all buffs, increases allied Undead max health by [25%] and heals allied Undead [?% ATK/SKL?] health. On a killing blow or targeting a corpse, the corpse is removed.
Undead Guard Icon Undead Guard (Trait) by Overlord token 0 Overlord Executum
Increases DEF by [15%/30%] for all Undead allies. The boost depends on the rank (I/II) of this trait.
Chilled to the Bone Icon Chilled to the Bone (Trait) by Yorick token 0 King Yorick
Gives all Undead allies a [25%/50%/75%] chance to Chill on basic attacks. The chance increases depending on the rank (I-III) of this trait.
Synergies of Dark heroes (Element): Dark Shroud IconDark Deception IconHaunted Past Icon
Overlord token 0 Overlord Executum can get following passive buffs when teamed up with other Heroes:

Dark Heroes get the following passive buffs:

Dark Shroud Icon Dark Shroud (Trait) by Shade token 0 Shade
Dark heroes on your team are dealt reduced damage and are immune to all debuffs for the first turn. (This trait adds Shrouded debuff to all enemies and can be purged.)
Dark Deception Icon Dark Deception (Trait) by Kobal token Kobal the Pestilent
Dark allies start dungeons with +1 extra energy.
Haunted Past Icon Haunted Past (Special Attack) by Shade token 0 Shade
Melee Spirit Attack on enemy that fears target and Haunts the enemy team, amplifying Dark damage dealt by x2. (In fact the Haunted debuff doubles all damage dealt by Dark heroes including Spirit and Physical damage, not only Dark damage.)
Synergies of Tank heroes (Class):
Other Synergies of Heroes: Critical Energy IconCleansing Aura IconCloak of Fire IconEyes of the Beholder IconFiery Renewal IconFire Nova IconFrost-tipped Blades IconHonor Guard IconIcy Embrace IconIFF Targeting IconImmunize IconLead By Example IconMaster Assassin IconMaster Healer IconMend IconShielding Soul IconSpread the Wealth IconTeam Energy Vault IconTeam Precision IconVenomous Embrace
Overlord token 0 Overlord Executum can get following passive buffs when teamed up with other Heroes:

All Heroes get the following passive buffs:

Critical Energy Icon Critical Energy (Trait) by Indigo token Indigo
Boosts team energy by +1 on CRIT from an attack. All skills currently on cooldown have their delays reduced by 1 turn.
Cleansing Aura Icon Cleansing Aura (Trait) by Dagrund token Dagrund Blacksmoke
Cleanses 1 Debuff on all allies at the start of this Hero's turn.
Cloak of Fire Icon Cloak of Fire (Trait) by Ember Sanguine token 0 Ember Sanguine
Allies gain immunity to burn and take 50% less damage from fire attacks.
Eyes of the Beholder Icon Eyes of the Beholder (Special Attack) by Iris token 0 Iris
Buffs allies' attack by [20%/30%/50%], then Ranged Dark attack on enemies. The ATK buff and amount of targets depend on the rank (I-III) of this ability.
Fiery Renewal Icon Fiery Renewal (Trait) by Ember Sanguine token 0 Ember Sanguine
Whenever a Burn debuff is applied to an enemy, all allies gain +5% max health.
Fire Nova Icon Fire Nova (Special Attack) by Ignus Ignus the Mad
Ranged Fire attack on all enemies. Allies gain a chance to burn on basic attacks for 3 turns. Rage adds additional chance to burn.
Frost-tipped Blades Icon Frost-Tipped Blades (Trait) by Takumi token Samurai Takumi
Gives all allies' melee physical attacks a chance to inflict Chill on a hit.
Honor Guard Icon Honor Guard (Trait) by
Will jump in front of a single target death blow attack on an ally.
Icy Embrace Icon Icy Embrace (Trait) by Icebloom token 0 Icebloom
All allies heal [25/35/50]% of their maximum health when inflicted with Frozen. Enemy and ally skills inflicting Frozen on allies will trigger this effect. The gained health depends on rank (I-III) of this trait.
IFF Targeting Icon IFF Targeting (Basic Attack) by Bauble token 0 Bauble
Melee physical attack on target enemy, OR heals target friendly construct, OR target ally gains a class-specific buff (Tanks get DEF+, Healers get CRIT+ and SKL+, Casters get +1 ENERGY, all others get ATK+.)
Immunize Icon Immunize (Trait) by Zen token 0 Zen
Each ally healed will gain Impervious (Cannot be Poisoned, Burned, Frozen, Chilled, Shocked, nor Diseased) for two turns.
Lead By Example Icon Lead By Example (Trait) by High King Valkin token 0 High King Valkin
Allies will follow-up any attack made by this Hero with a basic attack.
Master Assassin Icon Master Assassin (Trait) by Black Diamond token 0 Black Diamond
Allied single target abilities have 100% more Damage on CRITs.
Master Healer Icon Master Healer (Trait) by
Heals all allies 2.5% every turn.
Mend Icon Mend (Trait) by NubNub token 0 Chief NubNub
Heal Team for [50% ATK] on CRIT. Triggers when landing a critical hit from a basic attack.
Shielding Soul Icon Shielding Soul (Trait) by Dagrund token Dagrund Blacksmoke
When this Hero is killed, all allies gain an Aegis Shield.
Spread the Wealth Icon Spread the Wealth (Trait) by Augustus the paladin token 0 Augustus
When at full health, this hero heals the entire party for a small portion of their health every round.
Team Energy Vault Icon Team Energy Vault (Trait) by Ekko token Ekko
100% chance (immunity) that the team not will lose Energy from an enemy attack. Energy takes your skills off of cooldown by 1 per turn.
Team Precision Icon Team Precision (Trait) by Pignius token 0 Pignius Maximus
Ally crit damage is increased. All team allies get the trait 'Weak Spot' which increases the CRIT multiplier (x2 becomes x2.5).
Venomous Embrace Venomous Embrace (Trait) by Cobressa token 0 Cobressa
Heals allies [2.5/5]% for each instance of Venom on the enemies. The amount (%) depends on the rank (I/II) the trait.
Counters: PWN Undead IconProtector of the Realm IconMystical IconPlummeting Doom IconMan Eater IconAvatar of Light IconChallenge Accepted IconEnvious Rampage IconExposed Weakness IconFrom the Shadows IconPurging Smash IconSmite IconSniper Shot IconSoul Shred IconTheft of Grace IconTurn a Blind Eye Icon
Overlord token 0 Overlord Executum can be countered by making use of the following traits and special attacks:

Undead Heroes are vulnerable to:

PWN Undead Icon PWN Undead (Trait) by
Masuta token 0 Masuta Kira
Yasmin token 0 Yasmin Bloom
[1.5x/2.0x] Boosted damage vs Undead targets. The muliplier depends on the rank (I/II) of this trait.
Protector of the Realm Icon Protector of the Realm (Trait) by William token Sir William
Takes less damage from Beast, Demon, Monster, and Undead enemies and deals 2x damage to those enemy types.
Tank Heroes are vulnerable to:

Mystical Icon Mystical (Trait) by
Ferno token 0 Ferno
Icebloom token 0 Icebloom
Icepick token 0 Icepick
Ignus Ignus the Mad
Iris token 0 Iris
Kai Makani token 0 Kai Makani
Kobal token Kobal the Pestilent
Lily Blossom token 0 Lily Blossom
Zomm token Lord Zomm
Marrow token 0 Marrow
Nitpick token 0 Nitpick
Pontifex token 0 Pontifex Mortis
Selwyn token 0 Selwyn the Enduring
Shade token 0 Shade
Fiddlestrom token Therand Fiddlestrom
[25/50/75]% damage bonus vs Slow or Tank heroes depending on the rank of this trait (I-III). Each Ascension of the Hero raises the rank (I/II/III) of this trait.
Plummeting Doom Icon Plummeting Doom (Special Attack) by Agnon token 0 Agnon
Armor Piercing Physical attack that has a chance to Daze the target. Deals 5x boosted damage to Tanks and targets with high DEF.
Male Heroes are vulnerable to:

Man Eater Icon Man Eater (Trait) by
[1.5x/1.75x] boosted damage vs Male Heroes. The boost depends on the rank (I/II) of this trait.
Dark Heroes are vulnerable to:

Avatar of Light Icon Avatar of Light (Trait) by Leonidus token 0 Leonidus
Light allies are immune to Dark elemental bonuses.
Taunter Heroes are vulnerable to:

Challenge Accepted Icon Challenge Accepted (Trait) by
Admiral Kreel token 0 Admiral Kreel
Bovus token 0 Bovus El Doro
Julius token icon Julius
Squinch token 0 Squinch
[2x/2.5x] Boosted damage VS Taunting enemies. The boost depends on the rank (I/II) of this trait.
Envious Rampage Icon Envious Rampage (Special Attack) by Malice Token Malice
Melee physical attack on target and 2 random enemies that lifesteals and has a chance to steal a buff on hit.
Exposed Weakness Icon Exposed Weakness (Special Attack) by
Melee Physical attack that ignores the target’s armor and will purge Taunt on target if it is active.
From the Shadows Icon From the Shadows (Special Attack) by Shadowblade token 0 Shadowblade
A Melee Physical attack with a guaranteed CRIT for [85% ATK] base damage that purges 1 buff, ignores armor; with a buff that increases Dodge. Upgrading increases the amount of Dodge gained and the damage output of the skill.
Purging Smash Icon Purging Smash (Special Attack) by
Melee Physical attack for [100% ATK] base damage and removes the one buff from the target. The first buff applied is removed.
Smite Icon Smite (Special Attack) by Augustus the paladin token 0 Augustus
Melee Physical attack on a single target for 233 (scaling) base damage and purges [1/2/3] buffs upon hit. 1.5x damage increase towards Demons. Upgrading increases damage to [132% ATK]. The amount of purged of buffs increases with the rank (I-III) of this special attack.
Sniper Shot Icon Sniper Shot (Special Attack) by Willow token 0 Willow Swift
Ranged Physical attack with a guaranteed CRIT for [75% ATK] base damage and purges 1 buff, ignores Armor. Removes the first buff applied. Does not CRIT against opposing elements. Upgrading increases the damage output of the skill.
Soul Shred Icon Soul Shred (Special Attack) by Tsume token 0 Tsume
Two Ranged Physical attacks on all enemies for [42.5% ATK] base damage per swipe and removes 1 buff maximum from each target hit. The newest buff applied is removed.
Theft of Grace Icon Theft of Grace (Special Attack) by Malice Token Malice
Melee Spirit attack for [150% ATK] base damage, will purge [1/2/3] buffs and add [1/2/3] elemental buffs. The number of purged and added buffs depends on the rank (I/II/III) of this special attack. The elemental buffs are I=Hunter, II=Resistance, III=Touch. The element will be the same type as the target. Example: If a Dark enemy is attacked the buffs will be: Dark Rancor I, Disease Resistance, and Disease Touch.
Turn a Blind Eye Icon Turn a Blind Eye (Trait) by
Deadeye token 0 Deadeye
Phemus token 0 Phemus
Shade token 0 Shade
Viperia token 0 Viperia
Immune to Taunt and Provoke.

How to Use this Hero

To improve Overlord Executum, ascending him should be a priority. While Executum is good at lower levels, an unascended Executum will quickly lose his effectiveness throughout the Campaign. Ascending him will make him much more useful. Increasing his Stars, while difficult, will benefit him too. The Tower of Pwnage is probably the most reliable way to do this.

Skill Breakdown

Executum's role in a team changes throughout how he levels up. Initially, he will be more helpful as a Warrior, however at later levels his skill as a Tank is more useful. Regardless of level however he is still very effective at both. His Armored Icon Armored passive helps his already high DEF, while Lifeless Icon Lifeless becomes very handy in the right situations, such as against Kang-Kung's Frostfume Breath. Light Hunter Icon Light Hunter also greatly helps the Overlord as a warrior, allowing him to easily destroy Light enemies with both Light Hunter and his Dark elemental buff. 

Executum's Void Blade Icon Void Blade is a helpful addition to nearly any team. It does decent damage, and this improves significantly against enemies who are either Light or have Spirit Weakness. It also adds Debilitate, which significantly reduces an enemy bosses' effectiveness, reducing their ATK, SKL, CRIT and DEF to protect and give allies more opportunity to damage. Best used on bosses or powerful light enemies, and also characters who can pack a real punch in PvP, such as Pontifex token 0 Pontifex Mortis or Nimriel token 0 Lady Nimriel

The Overlord's high DEF and Armored Icon Armored passive makes him an excellent taunter, and as such his second ascension ability Taunt Icon Taunt is very helpful. The DEF buff easily gives him the toughness to defend his team. Just be wary of hard hitting non physical attacks, like Brom token Life Reaper Brom's Team Leech Icon Team Leech

Executum's final ascension power Leech Icon Leech makes him one of the most self sufficient taunters in the game, rivaled only by Yokozuna token 0 Yokozuna. Armored Icon Armored is a powerful attack which allows Executum to heal a percentage, and eventually more of the damage he inflicts. This power is best used on a weak or armor reliant Light enemy, such as Black Diamond token 0 Black Diamond, to allow him to heal the most possible. A Void Blade Icon Void Blade reducing the enemies DEF, followed by a Leech Icon Leech can also give Executum a good health buff.

Synergy With Other Heroes

Executum is a good Taunter, and does this well regardless of the team. Yasmin token 0 Yasmin Bloom is a good healer for Taunters.

Undead Buffs can significantly aid the Overlord. Pontifex token 0 Pontifex Mortis's Undead Fervor Icon Undead Fervor gives him an ATK and DEF buff, making him not only significantly tougher, but also hit harder, allowing him to do more damage and heal a lot more with Leech Icon Leech . Zomm token Lord Zomm's Undead Heart Icon Undead Heart (outdated) gives Executum a large health buff, making him an even better Tank. Combining the two legendary heroes will make Executum an undead force of mass destruction, and one of the most self sufficient characters in the game.  

Uses in PVP

Executum's use in PvP is simple, but effective. If needed, he is an effective taunter, as unlike most other taunters he can deal a lot of damage once he has begun taunting and using his powers. Defending him up with Yasmin token 0 Yasmin Bloom or NubNub token 0 Chief NubNub will lead to a fairly hearty tank. Combining him with an Undead team will always be powerful as well, especially if using Pontifex token 0 Pontifex Mortis and Zomm token Lord Zomm. On attacking, Void Blade can be used to weaken enemies with powerful AOE, such as IGOROK token 0 IGOROK or Julius token icon Julius. It can also be used to one shot most light enemies, just watch out for Masuta token 0 Masuta Kira's dodge and Ekko token Ekko's Spirit Immune Icon Spirit Immune . If instant killing one enemy isn't enough, he can then begin taunting and taking the pressure off your team.

The Zomm Legendary Team

ThaliaPortrait Small

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The Zomm Legendary Team

Notes and Tips

The Aether Shop update (May 17th 2016) moved Overlord Executum from Heroic Portal Summons to Honor Portal Summons. Since this update his tokens can be found in Portal Summon Honor Honor Portal Summons, and purchased at the PWN Shop.