In this special event, there have been some major PVP changes, including permanent buffs for certain characters and also for all Casters!

PVP Health buff

The first major buff is that all characters in PVP have +40% more health, to make PVP a more strategical battle.


Then all Casters have received a new trait: Mystical Icon Mystical! Mystical increases with each Ascension. The trait gives casters boosted damage versus Tanks and Slow Targets. This becomes more effective at each ascension:

  • 25% damage bonus vs Slow or Tank heroes.
  • 50% damage bonus vs Slow or Tank heroes gained at 1st ascension.
  • 75% damage bonus vs Slow or Tank heroes gained at 2nd ascension.

Slow tanks do not take double damage.

Resistance Stats

Scaling elemental resistance was making it so that elemental damage spells did less damage as you progressed through the game, making casters feel a bit weak.

With the PVP Update changes, Magical resistances (Fire Fire, Water Water, Nature Nature, Spirit, etc.) will no longer scale with skill (SKL) and/or level increases. They will also no longer mitigate over-time effect damage.

Resistance now begins at +30% for the hero's element and +15% for the opposing element. These will now increase just a tiny bit with (★) star increases. All other resistances, besides spirit damage (3%), stay at 0% and no longer increase unless the hero has a passive that increases them.

A Fire Fire based hero like Abigail token 0 Abigail the Brutal has at least 30% fire resistance, and at least 15% poison resistance because her opposing element is Nature Nature. Resistances vs Lightning, Freeze and Chill are now 0% because they do no longer scale.

Hero Changes

Characters have also received buffs. This includes: Individual Buffs include:

Hero Name Buffs
Ekko token Ekko Team Energy Vault Icon Team Energy Vault now gives a 100% chance of ignoring energy drain.
Yokozuna token 0 Yokozuna Sumo Stomp Icon Sumo Stomp now has only a 4 round recharge, but the daze only lasts for 2 rounds.
Indigo token Indigo Rapid Fire Icon Rapid Fire has a 50% chance per shot to silence the enemy.
Torchy token 0 Torchy Lock Jaw Icon Lock Jaw now has a 3 round recharge, starts powered and has a change to silence.

In addition, while this event is underway, everyone receives double tokens form Dungeon Raids!