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Rogues Gallery Event


Recomended Level: All enemies are at Player Level. The stars and ascension of the enemies determine the difficulty of the dungeon.
Boss: Masuta Kira is the boss of each dungeon.
Random Quest Bosses: All other Rogues incl. Indigo, but except Ella Ametryst appear as random bosses for their quests. All Bosses have one more ★ than their minions. Energy Icon x5 to enter.

Dungeon Size Evo Hero Token Enemies
Rogues Gallery 3 (none) Black Diamond Ninjas (Rogue Fast ★, all kind of Elements)
The Usual Suspects 4 Runed Evo Black Diamond Ninjas (Rogue Fast ★★★, all kind of Elements)
Den of Knaves 6 Bushido Evo Masuta Kira Ninjas (Rogue Fast ★★★★★, all kind of Elements)


For each Rogue (except Ella) there is a multipart quest that grants Hero tokens for this Rogue Hero.

Notes and Tips

  • Remember: If there are no fast Heroes in your team all fast enemies will attack first!
  • Ninjas are fast and do a huge initial damage. Unlike Shadowblade they do not have a evasion buff. But sometimes they ambush two targets one after another like Black Diamond does.
  • Ninjas love to dodge attacks. So do Masuta Kira, Shadowblade and Black Diamond (vs Ranged attacks only), too. Bring Dwarfs and Samurai Takumi for a Perfect Swing but ...
  • Ninjas deal boosted damage against Armored targets.
  • A Tank can stand the Ninjas but beware of Quest boss Lady Nimriel
  • in dungeon 2 and 3 the Ninjas have the trait Challenge Accepted Icon Challenge accepted: 2x Boosted damage VS Taunting enemies.. Taunting Tanks will get boosted damage!
  • King Yorick has Rogue Defense Icon Rogue Defense: Reduced Damage from Rogues by [25/50]% depending on the rank (I/II) of this trait., but Masuta Kira has PWN Undead Icon PWN undead: [2.5x/3x] Boosted damage vs Undead targets. The muliplier depends on the rank (I/II) of this trait..


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