Sifu Jianzhi
  Healer Warrior 

Sifu Jianzhi

Element: Light Light
30% vs Dark Dark units

Speed: Normal
Aether category: Gold

Epic: No

Sifu token
★☆☆☆☆☆ N/A
★★☆☆☆☆ N/A
★★★☆☆☆ 100
★★★★☆☆ 100
★★★★★☆ 150
★★★★★★ 250
Grateful allies will benefit from his peaceful nature, but the enemy should not view that nature as weakness.

ThaliaPortrait Small
Sifu's feet are registered as deadly weapons!

Stats Base Max Resistances Base Max
Power 231 2,487 Nature 3% 29%
Attack 197 1,920 Fire 3% 29%
Defense 150 1,271 Water 3% 29%
Health 450 4,092 Light 33% 59%
Skill 172 1,790 Dark 3% 29%
Crit Chance 7% 26% Spirit 3% 29%
Crit Multiplier 2x 2x
Dodge Chance 0% 0%

Active Passive (Traits)
Feet of Fury Icon Feet of Fury Shifty Icon Shifty
Heal Ally Icon Heal Ally Shocking Grasp Icon Shocking Grasp
Rampage Icon Rampage

First Ascension
Sifu token

Heal Ally Icon + Shocking Grasp Icon

Second Ascension
Sifu token 1

Rampage Icon + N/A

Sifu Jianzhi has yet to discover their Epic.

I wonder what it will be...

Check Epic Heroes for more information.

Sifu token Sifu Jianzhi tokens: Challenge Mode Icon x2 + Reward Daily Rewards Hourglass Events Trophy Icon PvP Tournament Portal Summon Gem Heroic Summon

The Normal campaign and Challenge mode dungeon tokens are connected. If you got a token from a dungeon in a Normal campaign dungeon, you will not be able to collect tokens from the Challenge mode version of the dungeon (and vice versa) unless you refresh them.

Challenge Mode Icon Challenge Mode Dungeons: (2)
Chapter Lvl. Energy Icon Rooms Enemies Area Evos Boss
3-5 7 Crypt Light Evo Larva Rukas Grimbelly
Epic Skull
14-8 7 Crypt Light Evo LarvaLight EvoLight Evo MonarchDiamond Evo Emperor Tao
Epic Skull
Rune Slots: Rune slot LightRune slot LightRune slot FireRune slot NatureRune slot Water
Sifu Jianzhi has the standard rune slots for a Light Light hero.
Light Light Light Light Fire Fire Nature Nature Water Water
Rune slot Light Rune slot Light Rune slot Fire Rune slot Nature Rune slot Water
Abilities & Traits: Feet of Fury IconHeal Ally IconRampage Icon & Shifty IconShocking Grasp Icon
Ability Type Energy Cost Ability Description
Feet of Fury Icon Feet of Fury Special Attack 6 Turns Three Melee Physical attacks for [57% ATK] base damage per hit to a single target, ignores armor, and has 5% additional chance to CRIT. Upgrading increases damage output to [60% ATK] base damage.
Heal Ally Icon Heal Ally Special Attack 3 Turns Recover a bit of health for a single ally. Upgrading increases the heal amount.
Rampage Icon Rampage Special Attack 5 Turns Melee Physical attack on target and 1 other random target for [70% ATK] base damage. Upgrading increases damage output of the skill.
Shifty Icon Shifty Trait Passive Innate ability to dodge attacks. (+19% Dodge Chance)
Shocking Grasp Icon Shocking Grasp Trait Passive Chance to inflict Shock on any CRIT.
Ascension: BushidoLight Evo MonarchLight EvoWater Evo = Sifu token 1 + Heal Ally Icon & Diamond EvoLight Evo MonarchRunedWater Evo = Sifu token 2 + Rampage Icon
First Ascension Second Ascension
Bushido Bushido Evo 1x Diamond Evo Diamond Evo 2x
Light Evo Monarch Light Evo Monarch 15x Light Evo Monarch Light Evo Monarch 31x
Light Evo Light Evo 46x Runed Runed Evo 8x
Water Evo Water Evo 5x Water Evo Water Evo 45x
Heal Ally Icon Heal Ally (Special Attack/3 Turns) Rampage Icon Rampage (Special Attack/5 Turns)
Synergies with other Heroes: Avatar of Light IconLight Crusade IconLight Heart IconSpeed of Light Team IconCritical Energy IconGrass Skirt of Resistance IconHonor Guard IconIcy Embrace IconImmunize IconMaster Healer IconMend IconSpread the Wealth IconTeam Energy Vault IconTeam Precision IconVenomous Embrace
Sifu token Sifu Jianzhi can get following passive buffs when teamed up with other Heroes:

Light Heroes get the following passive buffs:

Avatar of Light Icon Avatar of Light (Trait) by Leonidus token 0 Leonidus
Light allies are immune to Dark elemental bonuses.
Light Crusade Icon Light Crusade (Trait) by Black Diamond token 0 Black Diamond
Increase CRIT + SKL by 15% for all Light allies. Critical hit chances and healing potentials based on SKL level are increased.
Light Heart Icon Light Heart (Trait) by Zen token 0 Zen
Increase Health by [15/25]% for all Light allies depending on the rank (I/II) of this trait.
Speed of Light Team Icon Speed of Light Team (Trait) by Aria token 0 Aria
Light team members get +15% ATK, +15% DEF, 10% chance to dodge.
All Heroes get the following passive buffs:

Critical Energy Icon Critical Energy (Trait) by Indigo token Indigo
Boosts team energy by +1 on CRIT from an attack. All skills currently on cooldown have their delays reduced by 1 turn.
Grass Skirt of Resistance Icon Grass Skirt of Resistance (Trait) by Kai Makani token 0 Kai Makani
Team members gain a 25% resistance to all elemental status effects.
Honor Guard Icon Honor Guard (Trait) by Hansuke Undying token 0 Hansuke Undying
Will jump in front of a single target death blow attack on an ally.
Icy Embrace Icon Icy Embrace (Trait) by Icebloom token 0 Icebloom
All allies heal [25/35/50]% of their maximum health when inflicted with Frozen. Enemy and ally skills inflicting Frozen on allies will trigger this effect. The gained health depends on rank (I-III) of this trait.
Immunize Icon Immunize (Trait) by Zen token 0 Zen
Each ally healed will gain Impervious (Cannot be Poisoned, Burned, Frozen, Chilled, Shocked, nor Diseased) for two turns.
Master Healer Icon Master Healer (Trait) by Ember Sanguine token 0 Ember Sanguine
Heals all allies 2.5% every turn.
Mend Icon Mend (Trait) by NubNub token 0 Chief NubNub
Heal Team for [50% ATK] on CRIT. Triggers when landing a critical hit from a basic attack.
Spread the Wealth Icon Spread the Wealth (Trait) by Augustus the paladin token 0 Augustus
When at full health, this hero heals the entire party for a small portion of their health every round.
Team Energy Vault Icon Team Energy Vault (Trait) by Ekko token Ekko
100% chance (immunity) that the team not will lose Energy from an enemy attack. Energy takes your skills off of cooldown by 1 per turn.
Team Precision Icon Team Precision (Trait) by Pignius token 0 Pignius Maximus
Ally crit damage is increased. All team allies get the trait 'Weak Spot' which increases the CRIT multiplier (x2 becomes x2.5).
Venomous Embrace Venomous Embrace (Trait) by Cobressa token 0 Cobressa
Heals allies [1/2]% for each instance of Venom on the enemies. The amount (%) depends on the rank (I/II) the trait.
Counters: Man Eater IconLight Hunter IconPerfect Swing IconMaster of Combat IconProvoking Poke Icon
Sifu token Sifu Jianzhi can be countered by making use of the following traits and special attacks:

Male Heroes are vulnerable to:

Man Eater Icon Man Eater (Trait) by Daeris token 0 Shadow Queen Daeris
[1.5x/1.75x] boosted damage vs Male Heroes. The boost depends on the rank (I/II) of this trait.
Light Heroes are vulnerable to:

Light Hunter Icon Light Hunter (Trait) by Overlord token 0 Overlord Executum
Boosted damage vs Light Enemies. The multiplier [1.5x/2.0x/2.5x] of the boosted damage increases with the rank (I-III) of this trait.
Dodger Heroes are vulnerable to:

Perfect Swing Icon Perfect Swing (Trait) by
Dagrund token Dagrund Blacksmoke
Dhaegon Stonecrusher token icon Dhaegon Stonecrusher
High King Valkin token 0 High King Valkin
Rogar token 0 Rogar Stonecrusher
Takumi token Samurai Takumi
Fiddlestrom token Therand Fiddlestrom
Attacks dealt by this hero never misses nor can they be evaded. (If this character is Off-Balance (debuff) then enemies can dodge the attacks.)
Master of Combat Icon Master of Combat (Trait) by Hansuke Undying token 0 Hansuke Undying
Armored Hero that cannot miss nor be dodged. (If this character is Off-Balance (debuff) then enemies can dodge the attacks.)
Provoking Poke Icon Provoking Poke (Basic Attack) by Aria token 0 Aria
Undodgeable melee physical attack on an enemy that will force/provoke them to attack her next turn.

Notes and Tips

Sifu token Sifu Jianzhi is a shifty combat healer who can deal some damage and heal a single ally. The Heroes Revamped! update boosted Sifu's attack and heal skill.

Similar Heroes are Emily token 0 Archangel Emily and Dagrund token Dagrund Blacksmoke.