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''One Hero is great.

Four are better.

Having a Team is Awesome! ''

Team Builds

This is the place to gather Dungeon Boss' greatest teams. Categorized by the different parts of the game. Because not every team works for every situation. That awesome pve team will be smashed in pvp. Different rules, different teams.

Below are some of the more often used teams in Dungeon boss. Find your team, give it your own game-play, tweak it the way you like it and above all enjoy them.

PVE Teams

In PvE, you need to have it all: strength, skill, health, criticals and more. The key is to find a balance between different heroes. You'll need healing, tanking and deal a steady amount of damage. Here you will find teams that are proven to work for you.

PVP Teams

In PvP, it often comes down to that one skill, that so needed critical hit, the timing between fast, normal and slow heroes and other micromanagement. You can't put your best team against every player. Carefull thinking beforehand makes life easier in pvp.

The teams in PvP are considered defensive or offensive. In the specific team pages, you will find information about the strengths and weaknesses of these teams.

Offensive Teams Defensive Teams
Demon Team

BOSS/Epic Teams

Boss Mode seems impossible for some players. Then again, with the right team, you might get through and get the epic you desire. Because these team have great strengths for specific levels (i.e. Babel Mountain), we added it in the info pane in the table.

Boss Mode Team Strong in clearing level...

Tower of PWNage

In this mode, it comes to using all your heroes alltogether to progress. There aren't any specific teams that will grant you an all-out victory. Every floor needs you to reconsider and reassemble your team. Nevertheless, some teams come in real handy for the job. These are posted here.

  • Healing the first floors team (for example)

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