Legendary Goblin Team
Cruel King Bramble and his fellow Goblins have been training in secret, waiting to wreak havoc on the other heroes, and their time has finally come! Today (26th April 2016), we’re introducing several permanent changes to four Goblins that allow them to synergize better than ever before!

Cruel king token Cruel King Bramble

  • Tribal Leader & Goblin Crusade have been combined into one passive ability Good to be King Icon Good to be King (this has no effective change, it’s just a bit cleaner for organizational purposes)
  • Gimme Gimme Icon Gimme Gimme Now heals Goblin allies AND adds taunt
  • Critical Goblin Odor Icon Critical Goblin Odor : A new ability that lets Goblin allies attack a random enemy when they land a critical hit on an enemy

NubNub token 0 Chief NubNub

  • Heal to the Chief Icon Heal to the King (I & II): If NubNub is on a team with Bramble, he will heal all goblins on your team every turn (including NubNub himself)

Squinch token 0 Squinch

  • Royal Crit Fire Icon Royal Crit Fire : If Squinch is on a team with Bramble, Squinch will burn enemies whenever he lands a critical hit

And… Wait for it…

Zurk token 0 Zurk (about time, right?)

  • Increased Attack and HP stats!
  • Goblin Cheerleader Icon Goblin Cheerleader : Whenever he lands a critical hit, all Goblin allies get Haste Icon Haste and +1 energy!


We’re also running quests where you can earn 5x tokens for each of these four Heroes, and all Goblins are getting a 20% boost to defense in PVP in the current tournament. All hail Cruel King Bramble!

Bug fixes

Also fixed in this update:

  • Fixed an animation that made the effects around Pontifex token 0 Pontifex Mortis's floating skull pink. (we love the 80s too, Ponti, but that’s just too much, man)