Outdated Content
The information on this page is no longer in the game.
Topaz Demon Queen

Topaz Demon Queen

Also known as:

  • Topaz Baroness
  • Topaz Demon Princess
  • Topaz Demon Queen
Stars 4
Element Sun
Type Human
Class Mage
Speed Fast


Level Attack Defence Health Skill
1 157 110 297 132


Skill Name Type Cooldown Skill Description
Thundercracker III Active 3 Heavy damage with shock, ignores ARMOR
Cleanse Team Active 5 Remove 2 negative effects from each ally
Aegis Wall Active 8 Shield that blocks the next attack on each ally
Frenzy II Passive Increase CRIT chance
Field Dressing II Passive Regenrate health every turn


Stage Dungeon Name


Larva Sprite Monarch
Level Cost
12 2 32,000
30 1 1 60,000

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