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Utica the Forgotten

Utica the Forgotten

Challenge Mode Boss.

His every move is designed to break you down & steal your life.

Utica the Forgotten is a Slow Undead Warrior that should not be trifled with unless you have a good team to combat him.

Utica bears the resemblance of Brom token Life Reaper Brom but as a Water Boss.


Normal Mode Dungeons

The first time you encounter Utica he will only have the Lifeless Icon Lifeless trait in the Dungeon 11-4 Summit of Power. In the Dungeon 11-6 Festering Halls, Utica has the Magical Icon Magical , Savage Fury Icon Savage Fury , Diseased Touch Diseased Touch and Soul Eater Icon Soul Eater traits.

Challenge Mode Dungeons

In the Challenge Mode of the dungeon 11-4 Summit of Power it is advisable to think about who to bring, as Utica now has Lifeless Icon Lifeless , Chill Bane, Disease Bane, Disease Skin Disease Skin III and Chilling Skin Chilling Skin III for that level.


Normal Mode

Challenge Mode

(Be warned that heroes are put at a fixed level in challenge mode.)

  • Chapter 11 Level 4: Summit of Power. Recommended Hero level: 59
  • Chapter 11 Level 6: Festering Halls. Recommended Hero Level: ? ((stub))
  • Chapter 16 Level 7: Bone Blight. Recommended Hero Level: ? ((stub))
  • Chapter 21 Level 9: Path of Darkness. Recommended Hero Level: ? ((stub))

Tips & Tricks

Heroes with the 25px ??pwn undead (max ?? trait like Masuta token 0 Masuta Kira are advisable but a recommendation would be to have some Nature Heroes for better resistance against Utica in addition to the extra elemental damage against him. NubNub token 0 Chief NubNub is highly recommended as a healer for this. Yorick token 0 King Yorick is optional (e.g. as a Friend's Hero Summon) as he can use Marked for Death Icon Marked for Death to make it easier to defeat Utica the Forgotten.