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Utica the Forgotten

Utica the Forgotten

Challenge Mode Boss.

His every move is designed to break you down & steal your life.

Utica the Forgotten is a Slow Undead Warrior that should not be trifled with unless you have a good team to combat him.

Utica bears the resemblance of Brom token Life Reaper Brom but as a Water Boss.


Normal Mode Dungeons

The first time you encounter Utica he will only have the Lifeless Icon Lifeless trait in the Dungeon 11-4 Summit of Power. In the Dungeon 11-6 Festering Halls, Utica has the Magical Icon Magical, Savage Fury Icon Savage Fury, Diseased Touch Diseased Touch and Soul Eater Icon Soul Eater traits.

Challenge Mode Dungeons

In the Challenge Mode of the dungeon 11-4 Summit of Power it is advisable to think about who to bring, as Utica now has Lifeless Icon Lifeless, Chill Bane, Disease Bane, Disease Skin Disease Skin III and Chilling Skin Chilling Skin III for that level.


Normal Mode

Challenge Mode

(Be warned that heroes are put at a fixed level in challenge mode.)

  • Chapter 11 Level 4: Summit of Power. Recommended Hero level: 59
  • Chapter 11 Level 6: Festering Halls. Recommended Hero Level: ? ((stub))
  • Chapter 16 Level 7: Bone Blight. Recommended Hero Level: ? ((stub))
  • Chapter 21 Level 9: Path of Darkness. Recommended Hero Level: ? ((stub))

Tips & Tricks

Heroes with the PWN Undead Icon PWN Undead trait like Masuta token 0 Masuta Kira are advisable but a recommendation would be to have some Nature Heroes for better resistance against Utica in addition to the extra elemental damage against him. NubNub token 0 Chief NubNub is highly recommended as a healer for this. Yorick token 0 King Yorick is optional (e.g. as a Friend's Hero Summon) as he can use Marked for Death Icon Marked for Death to make it easier to defeat Utica the Forgotten.