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XP Island is an area within the campaign that allows an adventurer to earn additional XP potions. XP potions are used to level up their roster of heroes. The island is unlocked at level 20. An adventurer can attempt any of the four levels within XP Island. The energy cost is 0. Once the adventurer starts the dungeon, all of the levels are locked until the levels reset at midnight. Therefore, whether the adventurer completes or fails the dungeon, the island will be locked. The boss chest at the end is a reward of XP potions. Sparkly objects found in the level will sometimes reward the adventurer a Phenol token 0 Phenol Thoxian token.


Alchemy Labs 1

Alchemy Lab1

Recommended level:25

The enemies found here are primarily mixed with Nature and Water elemental casters. Water based enemies have very little health, but can launch an area attack of magic missiles that have a chance to freeze the entire party.

For the Nature based casters with abilities similar to Fiddlestrom token Therand Fiddlestrom, they will annoy your party with its special ability Unknown Chemicals, which is an area attack that leaves random negative effects on your party. You can use any Fire based hero to deal take them out. You can also use Zurk token 0 Zurk to take care of all of the casters due to his Caster Hunter's 2x ability.

The final boss launches area attacks that poisons your heroes. He will also Silence your entire party, preventing them from using special attacks.

Alchemy Labs 2

Alchemy Lab2

Recommended level:35

Enemies found here will have Fire based casters instead of the Water based casters mentioned above. These magi will cast an area attack that has a change to inflict the burn status. They are quickly disposed of by any hard hitting basic attack.

Alchemy Labs 3

Alchemy Lab3

Recommended level:45

The casters here are light based, and they have the ability to inflict a shocked status effect. Follow the same strategy in disposing them and Mad Scientists.

Alchemy Labs 4

Alchemy Lab4

Recommended level 55

This level contains Dark based Sullen Wizards and a mix of Nature based Mad Scientists. Their special attack attacks your entire party, with a chance of inflicting Disease status. Take out those wizards with a basic attack, and quickly dispatch the other casters.

Lord Apothecary is the final boss. His basic attacks have the passive ability to poison upon touch. In addition, he can selectively target an individual with Viper Strike, which will not do a lot of damage but will have a high chance to Poison. He will typically follow up with Intensify Poison, which is a melee attack dealing 3x damage if the target is also Poisoned.


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The table below lists the type of potions rewarded for the tier of the chest and the level at which it was completed on.

Dungeon Level XP / Hero Silver Chest Gold Chest Ancient Chest Hero Token
Alchemy Labs:1 +279 XP Potion 20XP Icon x3, Potion 100XP Icon x1, Potion 400XP Icon x1

(560 XP)

Potion 100XP Icon x2, Potion 400XP Icon x2

(1000 XP)

Phenol token 0 Phenol Thoxian
Alchemy Labs:2 +279 XP Potion 20XP Icon x2, Potion 100XP Icon x2, Potion 400XP Icon x3

(1440 XP)

Potion 20XP Icon x3, Potion 100XP Icon x1, Potion 400XP Icon x5

(2160 XP)

Potion 400XP Icon x9

(3600 XP)

Phenol token 0 Phenol Thoxian
Alchemy Labs:3 +279 XP Potion 20XP Icon x2, Potion 100XP Icon x2, Potion 400XP Icon x6 (2640 XP) Potion 100XP Icon x2, Potion 400XP Icon x16

(6600 XP) 

Phenol token 0 Phenol Thoxian
Alchemy Labs:4 +279 XP Potion 20XP Icon x2, Potion 100XP Icon x2, Potion 400XP Icon x9

(3840 XP)

Potion 20XP Icon x3, Potion 100XP Icon x1,Potion 400XP Icon x14 (5760 XP) Potion 400XP Icon x24 (9600 XP) Phenol token 0 Phenol Thoxian